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Inside eResource Centers

A Look at the Platform and Processes


The eResource platform is a set of tools used to accomplish the following:

  • At the RIGHT TIME
  • At the RIGHT PRICE.

While each of these goals may seem straight forward, they turn out to be relatively difficult to achieve. Thus, for many clean tech businesses and projects, each requires a special technology to achieve. The challenge and how the eResource platform addresses each area is presented below.

Right Information...

This is the task of selecting the exact information required by the user to complete the task at hand.

In general, getting the right information to a user becomes increasingly challenging as the total pool of possible information increases. >>> More

Right Location...

This is the task of getting the right information into the right bandwidth that can reach users' current geographic location and device.

Because of the inter-connectivity of the Web, we can reach most locations via wired or wireless connection. The question is how do we make sure that it is accessible? >>> More

Right Time...

Key to success is a Nevada work force that has the best knowledge available.

The best knowledge is the most current and comprehensive, and to ensure that, we must have a mechanism for continuous improvement. >>> More

Right Controls...

Web sites that contain high value information sites must have configurable security, often at a high cost. The right controls allow access to different kinds of information to different client bases. >>> More

Right Price...

The power of open-source software solutions is that they are designed to provide 90% of the functionality of high cost, proprietary solftware at 10% of the cost. >>> More

Community of Practice

A virtual Community of Practice (CoP) is a network of individuals who share a domain of interest about which they communicate online. The practitioners share resources (for example experiences, problems and solutions, tools, methodologies). Such communication results in the improvement of the knowledge of each participant in the community and contributes to the development of the knowledge within the domain. >>> More

Knowledge Management Technologies

A knowledge based industry needs knowledge management technologies to automate what are usually individualist, manual, and costly. The following sections present key features of the eResource knowledge management technology.

  • Knowledge Foraging
  • Knowledge Harvesting
  • Process Tools
  • Instant Publishing


Structured Wiki Executive Summary (Twiki)

WP ecosystem

Organic Model
An Ecosystem for capturing Organic Know-How in renewable energy.

An Economic Framework for Work Force Training

Knowledge Supply-Chain
  • From Your Product to End-User Solution
  • Knowledge Ecosystem
  • Economic Quality

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