JN 1.0 Feature Set

First release of RFD Plagtform
November 2011
Jeff Elpern

JN 1.0 Release

JN 1.0 is the code name for the first operational release of the RFD Platform.

The JN comes from "just Nevada" focus used to pick the feature set. This provided a good touch point for selecting a functional, but scope limited, functionality. The just Nevada scope is defined as:

  • Lexicon for Discovery (LFD) - The LFD 1.0 definition introduces a rich lexicon for describing manufacturing processes and manufacturing geometry at a level of abstraction above the component drawings. This enables a Supplier to define the firms manufacturing capabilities and an OEM to define the manufacturing requirements of a component without having to exchange the IP for full drawings. It also enables the matching process between potential Suppliers and OEM for a given component to be automated.

  • Supplier, OEM, ad RFD Entities - The 1.0 release includes the core actors - OEMs and Suppliers- and the core event - a Request for Discovery.

  • Norther Nevada Suppliers -

  • Web-Based User Interface - ... This release does not include system level interfaces (APIs).

  • Known OEMs - Work with OEMs that already have a relationship with NVA250.

Key Aspects



Access and Rights Management

Supplier Discovery involves numerous types of stakeholders – OEMs, Suppliers, Support Staff, Agents, etc. The “fine grain” access and rights capabilities of the RFD Platform enable crafting user views for each group, firm and user.

Supplier Enitity


OEM Enitity


Lexicon for Discovery


RFD Process


Discovery Entitiy


RFD Ecosystem


Data Strucutres






Author Notes

  1. Request for Discovery (RFD) Concept
  2. RFD Lexicon
  3. RFD Platform


  1. New vocabulary for expressing capabilities and requirements
  2. Discussion about Manufacturing Processes
    • Separated from detailed drawing of component
  3. Express requirements with disclosing IP
    • Component geometry not revealed
    • Reviles little to no value to competitors
  4. Manufacturing Processes and process metadata
  5. Firm information and capabilities metadata
  6. A hierarchical ontology that facilitates similarities matches and "depth of knowledge" estimates

RFD Platform

  1. RFD Application
  2. Knowledge Ecosystem
  3. Integrated Access controls, Security Domains, Content Indexing

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