OEM Profile - Features

Release 1.0 of RFD Platform
November 2011
Jeff Elpern


The OEM Entity is the container for a specific OEM and that OEM's Discovery projects.

  • Discovery Entity The container for a Discovery project. This includes meta data about the manufactured component being sources and the current state of requirements - process, process geometry, process expertise, and firm profile.
  • Discovery Search Entity The is the container for the results of a specific RFD request. This entity captures the requirements specified at the moment of search and the search results.

Features in 1.0

  1. XML schema for these entities:
    • OEM
    • References to Discovery projects (open and completed)
  2. Access Rights
    • Set of OEM's staff with User accounts
    • Set of NVA250 support staff


Function / Benefit

Access Rights for OEM team

Fine grain control of who can access OEM content for review and edit. Also control on what can be access via KnowledgeDex searches

Single RFD Platform login

Single login controls access to all the components of the RFD Platform.

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