Supplier Discovery JN 1.0 Build 313 Upgrade

An Overview of the Newest Features and Improvements in the Latest Build of Supplier Discovery


On August 29, 2012, a major upgrade to the Supplier Discovery application became available. This upgrade brings a number of exciting features for both OEMs and suppliers, and is immediately available for all users.

Organization Overviews

Suppliers and OEMs now have access to a unified overview feature when viewing their Supplier Discovery profiles. This new section provides an easy-to-read summary of your firm's information, including profile information, a list of your processes in both list and tree format (for suppliers), and statistics on parts, projects and discoveries (for OEMs).

Supplier Overview
JN 1.0 Build 313: Supplier Overviews

JN 1.0 Build 313: Supplier Process Viewer, List Mode

OEM Overview
JN 1.0 Build 313: OEM Overviews

OEM Editing and Deletion Features for Projects, Parts and Discoveries

OEMs can now edit and delete IDs and titles for their existing projects, parts, and discoveries. This allows you to correct misspellings, update project names as they are changed, and provide custom IDs for all aspects of your Supplier Discovery usage.

Project IDs and Names
JN 1.0 Build 313: OEM Editing Features (Project ID/Name)

Part IDs and Names
JN 1.0 Build 313: OEM Editing Features (Part ID/Name)

Discovery Search IDs and Names
JN 1.0 Build 313: OEM Editing Features (Discovery ID/Name)

Supplier and OEM Profile ID/Name Editing Features

Supplier Discovery administrators now have the ability to easily and quickly change firm profile IDs and names. If your firm's name changes due to a merger, acquisition, or for any other reason, simply open a support ticket and an administrator will be happy to make the necessary changes.

Firm ID/Name Editing
JN 1.0 Build 313: Firm ID/Name Editing

Backend Improvements

JN 1.0 Build 313 also includes a number of backend improvements designed to make the application more stable and speedy. These changes will not only improve your experience with the Supplier Discovery application today, but pave the way for additional features and speed enhancements in future builds.

About Supplier Discovery

Supplier Discovery is an application that is part of the overall Request for Discovery system, which links Nevada manufacturing suppliers and OEMs based on capabilities and needs. Request for Discovery is powered by the RfD technology platform developed by SQI, Inc.

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