Supplier Discovery JN 1.0 Build 338 Upgrade

An Overview of the Newest Features and Improvements in the Latest Build of Supplier Discovery


On December 4, 2012, a major upgrade to the Supplier Discovery application became available. This upgrade brings a number of exciting features related to OEM discovery searches, and is immediately available to all Supplier Discovery users.

OEMs performing discovery searches will now see supplier web site links next to each supplier result. This new feature allows you quickly and efficiently discover even more information about the supplier, right from the discovery search results page.

JN 1.0 Build 338: Supplier Web Site Links (OEM Portion)

Suppliers will also benefit from this new feature, as it brings additional visibility to advertising and marketing materials found on your firm's web site. To add this valuable feature to your firm's profile, simply add a Web Site URL entry to your Supplier Profile.

JN 1.0 Build 338: Supplier Web Site Links (Supplier Portion)

Additional Features and Fixes

JN 1.0 Build 338 also includes a number of additional features and bug fixes, including:

About Supplier Discovery

Supplier Discovery is an application that is part of the overall Request for Discovery system, which links Nevada manufacturing suppliers and OEMs based on capabilities and needs. Request for Discovery is powered by the RfD technology platform developed by SQI, Inc.

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