Supplier Discovery JN 1.0 Build 352 Upgrade

An Overview of the Newest Features and Improvements in the Latest Build of Supplier Discovery


On December 18, 2012, a major upgrade to the Supplier Discovery application became available. This upgrade brings a number of useful features for both OEMs and Suppliers (including a new field for Supplier Profiles) and is immediately available.

Previous Discovery Search Results Can Now Be Viewed

OEMs are now able to see the results not only from their current discovery search, but also the results for all of the previous searches performed with that discovery search. The results will be "frozen" in time so that they reflect the scores attained at the time of the search, rather than being dynamically generated based on Supplier Profile changes made since the time of the search. This will make it easier to provide context between suppliers.

To view past results, simply open the discovery search page and click within the box corresponding to the date and time of the discovery search in the Discovery History section.

Please note: There are rare instances where a certain supplier's name may have a brief "(Error Loading)" or "(Deleted)" message next to their name. For searches performed before December 18th, "(Error Loading)" will appear when the relevant supplier has been deleted from the RfD database or has requested an internal ID name change. For searches performed on or after December 18th, "(Deleted)" will appear only when the supplier is deleted (i.e., ID changes will no longer result in an error). Some very old discovery searches may also not have data in the Requested Processes section, but supplier scores in the Supplier Results section will still be displayed.

Example of How to Open
JN 1.0 Build 352: Where to Click

Result of Opening
JN 1.0 Build 352: Result of Opening

New Phone Number Field for Supplier Profiles

Phone numbers for suppliers can now be added into a new Phone Number field in Supplier Profiles. Suppliers wishing to add information to this optional field can simply edit their Supplier Profile to reflect the phone number they wish to make available to OEMs.

One key reason for Suppliers to add information to this field is that the phone number will show up next to their firm's name in discovery search results. This means that OEMs will have direct access to phone numbers for the top ten suppliers in their searches, making it quicker and easier for them to contact your firm if they are interested in your services.

Supplier Field Example
JN 1.0 Build 352: Supplier Field

OEM Phone Number View
JN 1.0 Build 352: OEM View

Additional Features and Fixes

JN 1.0 Build 352 also has additional features and fixes that will make your workflow quicker.

About Supplier Discovery

Supplier Discovery is an application that is part of the overall Request for Discovery system, which links Nevada manufacturing suppliers and OEMs based on capabilities and needs. Request for Discovery is powered by the RfD technology platform developed by SQI, Inc.

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