Participating Manufacturing Suppliers from

Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Mound House, Dayton, Minden, and Gardnerville Nevada

  1. 7C's Manufacturing, Inc.
  2. A & B Precision Metals, Inc.

  3. Advanced Plastic Molding, Inc.
  4. Advanced Precision, LLC
  5. American AVK Co.
  6. American Class A Molds (ACAM)
  7. American International Tooling, Inc.
  8. Apex Anodizing and Metal Finishing
  9. Aviso, LLC
  10. B & J, Inc.

  11. Beres Precision, Inc.
  12. CGI, Inc.
  13. Carson Hi-Tech, Inc.
  14. Custom Stamping, Inc.
  15. Eckman Industries Nevada, Inc.
  16. Electronic Evolution Technologies, Inc. (EE Technologies)
  17. Hood-EIC, LLC
  18. JRB Machine, Inc.
  19. Leonard's Machine Shop, Inc.
  20. MSM Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication, Inc.
  21. MTG, Inc.
  22. Mattox Machine and Molding, Inc.
  23. Maxton Manufacturing Co.
  24. Messenger Molding, Inc.
  25. METALAST International, Inc.
  26. Nevada Composites, Inc.
  27. Nevada Heat Treating
  28. Oliver Machine Products, Inc.
  29. PCC Structurals, Inc.
  30. PME Babbitt Bearings
  31. Polam Precision Machine, Inc.
  32. Precision Metals, Inc.
  33. Precision Mold & Design, Inc.

  34. Protofab, Inc.
  35. Prototype Concepts, Inc.
  36. Silver State Stainless, Inc.
  37. Sliger Designs
  38. Solid Solutions Design & Machine, LLC

  39. Stedham Electronics Corp.
  40. TechSpec-USA

  41. Thermoptics, Inc.
  42. United States Welding Corp.

Survey Team

The following professionals personally gathered the available in-house processes from the area manufacturing suppliers. Early in the planning phase, the team recognized that their establshing relationships and communicating the project goal to the suppliers would be integral to the success of all phases. Their efforts are stellar and continually surpass expectations.

Dennis Bradley, Optimum Enterprises

Chip Evans, REA250

Dean Grauvogle, Supply Management Consultant

Mike Reed, UNR College of Business (Retired)

Bob Shriver, Shriver Consulting and REA250

Brad Stone, Manufacturing Consultant (Retired)

Ron Turner, SCORE Volunteer

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