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The JN1.0 (Just Nevada 1.0) release of Supplier Discovery focused on implementing a semantic representation of discrete component manufacturing capabilities (see Manufacturing Processes: The RfD Taxonomy). JN1.0 also reached out to Nevada Job Shops to populate the capabilities database. The JN1.0 efforts have produced the best possible representation of discrete component manufacturing processes.

This page presents an aggregate view of manufacturing processes: the Process Cloud (description below the cloud). It also provides links to other aggregate views of Nevada discrete component manufacturing capabilities.

Process Cloud


The Process Cloud presents a visual information flow of the manufacturing processes available across the Job Shops in Nevada. The complete manufacturing taxonomy is present, even processes that no Job Shop in Nevada currently claims as presented.

The larger the font of a process, the greater the number of Job Shops having that process (hovering the mouse over a process will display the exact number of Job Shops having that capability). For example, Drilling is the largest text in the cloud - 83 firms have this capability - while Drop Forging support is very small, with zero Job Shops in Nevada claiming this manufacturing capability.

Each process provides a hyper-link to the process description in the RfD University. Click on the process text to launch a new page with the description and an example video.

The Process Cloud also has a List view. Click on the list tab at the bottom of the component to see a rank-ordered list of processes with the number of Job Shops having that capability.

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