Premade Widgets

S. "Leo" Tindle / Joshua Roth-Colson

Premade Widgets are lines of iframe-based code that you can place into your web pages to display common information in the Request for Discovery/Supplier Discovery database. By using just one line of code, an automatically-updated representation of the requested information will be displayed, with custom sizing available to fit into any design.

The Premade Widgets are particularly convenient because they are ready to implement immediately, without the application development process that is needed to use the HTTP and Javascript APIs. They can be placed in essentially any web page, and support delivery across both unencrypted and SSL/TLS connections so that no errors are seen on the client browser when viewed from within your secure/encrypted site.

Available Widgets

The below table shows all of the available premade widgets. Each page includes a description of what the widget shows, as well as iframe code that can be added to your desired web page.



Process Cloud

Show a cloud of processes with size determined by how many suppliers contain the process.

Process Tree Cloud

Shows the full taxonomy in a tree. Process names are sized according to suppliers that contain them.

Process Similarity

Displays the calculated similarity between a Target Process and the other processes in the RfD Taxonomy.

OpenEnumeration Cloud

Displays a cloud of entities in the OE bucket specified.

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