Process Cloud

S. "Leo" Tindle / Joshua Roth-Colson

Introduction to the Process Cloud Premade Widget

The Process Cloud widget is a premade iframe-based widget that allows you to insert a Process Cloud on any page that supports iframes. By simply including one line of iframe code, the Process Cloud will appear on the page with automatic updates as additional process entries are added to the database.

What is a Process Cloud?

A Process Cloud is a visual representation of all of the processes in the Request for Discovery/Supplier Discovery database, as well as their prevalence across all suppliers.

Process Cloud - Cloud View

The Process Cloud, when in Cloud View, displays all of the processes in alphabetical order, with the size of the font for each process reflecting how many supplier entries there are for that process. This is the default view for the Process Cloud.

For instance, if the Drilling process has more supplier entries than the Isostatic Pressing process, the Drilling process will be displayed with a greater font size than Isostatic Pressing. Processes with no supplier entries will appear in the Process Cloud, but will be in an extremely small font size.

The Cloud View also allows you to see the number of supplier entries for a certain process. Simply hover your mouse pointer over an entry, and a tooltip will appear with the number of supplier entries for that process. You can also click on the process's name to view the documentation entry describing that process.

Process Cloud - Grid View

The Process Cloud, when in Grid View, displays all of the processes in a spreadsheet-like format, sorted by the number of supplier entries for the specific process. Any processes that have the same number of entries, including processes with zero entries, will be grouped together.

Important Note Regarding Process Clouds

Please note that the Process Cloud does not preserve the hierarchical structure of the RfD Taxonomy, so in cases where you need to display processes in tree format with their parents and children, it is recommended that you use the Process Tree Cloud widget instead.


The Process Cloud widget can be added in a variety of sizes to fit the design and layout of your page. Two possible sizes are shown below, with the appropriate HTML code to add them.


Example of 100% width and 600px height:

   1 <iframe style="width:100%; height:600px;" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Example of 400px by 300px:

   1 <iframe style="width:400px; height:300px;" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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