Process Tree Cloud

S. "Leo" Tindle / Joshua Roth-Colson

Introduction to the Process Tree Cloud Premade Widget

The Process Tree Cloud Premade Widget allows you to add a Process Tree Cloud to any web page using a single line of iframe code. An advantage of using this widget is that it is automatically updated as additional supplier entries are added to the database.

What is a Process Tree Cloud?

A Process Tree Cloud shows all of the processes in the Request for Discovery/Supplier Discovery system, ordered by their placement in the RfD Taxonomy. Categories are shown in orange, end-node processes are shown in green, and categories or processes without any supplier entries are shown in light gray. These colors get progressively brighter as they reflect a greater number of supplier entries.

Additionally, the font size for each category/process reflects the number of supplier entries for it, with larger font sizes reflecting more supplier entries. If you hover your mouse pointer over the name of a category or process, a tooltip will appear that shows the number of supplier entries for that category/process.

Important Note Regarding Process Tree Clouds

Please note that the Process Tree Cloud renders the process list in a hierarchical tree form, which takes an extended amount of vertical space on a page. In cases where you do not need the hierarchical format, it is recommended that you use the Process Cloud widget instead.


The Process Tree Cloud widget can be added in a variety of sizes to fit the design and layout of your page. One recommended size is shown below, with the appropriate HTML code to add it.


Example of 100% width and 600px height:

   1 <iframe style="width:100%; height:600px;" src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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